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Species Nepenthes x bauensis
Common Name
Family Nepenthaceae
Order Nepenthales
Distribution Endemic to Sarawak.
Habitat Grows terrestrially in swampy areas around limestone hills. Elevation 100 m.
Description  This hybrid displays characteristics which are intermediate between the two parent species. The growth of the vines and clumping habit is that of N. gracilis, but the leaves and stems are larger and characteristics of N. northiana can be seen in the pitchers. The pitchers can reach up to 15 cm in length and range in color from purplish-red to pale green. The peristome is wider than in N. gracilis and has scattered red bands, but is not as colorful as in N. northiana.
Notes  Only a few plants of this hybrid have been found, and it is the only natral hybrid involving N. northiana other than N. x cincta.
Conservation Status  
References  Lee, C. 2004. Nepenthes. In: Sarawak Bau Limestone Biodiversity. H.S. Yong, F.S.P. Ng and E.E.L. Yen (eds). The Sarawak Museum Journal Vol. LIX, No. 80 (New Series); Special Issue No. 6. .71-77.
# clp110333
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Distribution of Nepenthes x bauensis.

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