Species Profile

Species Nepenthes vogelii
Common Name
Family Nepenthaceae
Order Nepenthales
Distribution Endemic to Sarawak (Borneo).
Habitat Grows as an epiphyte in lower montane forest. Elevation 1200-1500 m.a.s.l.
Description  The pitchers are strongly dimorphic, the lowers being almost perfectly cylindrical and the uppers being funnel-shaped. Both are colored pale green with a dense pattern of dark purple speckles. The peristome is striped bands of pale green and purple.
Notes  This species has been confused with N. fusca in the past, but differs in having a wide triangular pitcher lid which has no appendages on the undersurface.
Conservation Status  Data Deficient
References  Schuiteman, A. and de Vogel, E.F. (2002). Nepenthes vogelii (Nepenthaceae): a new species from Sarawak. Blumea 47(3):537-540.
# cld05082506
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Distribution of Nepenthes vogelii.

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