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Species Nepenthes hurrelliana
Common Name
Family Nepenthaceae
Order Nepenthales
Distribution Borneo.
Habitat Occurs in mossy forest where it grows as an eipiphyte (very rarely terrestrial). Elevation 1500-2400 m.
Description  The beautiful lower pitchers of this species can reach lengths of up to 30 cm. They are richly spotted in brownish purple and have a very wide striped peristome which is elongated into a neck at the rear of the mouth. Most of the plant is covered in a dense coat of long brownish hairs.
Notes  This species was thought for a long time to be a natural hybrid between N. veitchii and N. fusca until a more recent detailed study of its features revealed it to be a distinct species. The upper pitchers can sometimes be confused with those of N. fusca, but the lower pitchers are very distinctive.
Conservation Status  Vulnerable
References  Cheek, M., M. Jebb, C. Lee, A. Lamb, and A. Phillipps. 2003. Nepenthes hurrelliana (Nepenthaceae), a New Species of Pitcher Plant from Borneo. Sabah Parks Nature Journal. Vol 6: 117-124.
# cld05082476
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Distribution of Nepenthes hurrelliana.

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