The Nature of Sulawesi: Guided Tour 3-20 August 2013

17 September 2013

During our epic 3-week traverse of Sulawesi and Halmahera the group bravely faced bloodsucking leeches, overgrown trails, and several flooded rivers, but were well rewarded with some incredible sightings of rare flora & fauna. Some highlights of the trip included: close encounters with tarsiers and macaques in Tangkoko, a very rare sighting of a Lowland Anoa, and reaching the summit ridge of Gunung Lumut after several days of hiking to find the remarkable pitcher plant Nepenthes hamata.

A selection of images from the trip:

Macaca nigra nigraNepenthes hamataEurystomus azureusBabyrousa celebensis
Agalmyla sp.Gehyra marginataLitoria sp.Gunung Kiematabu
Nepenthes eymaeLitoria infrafrenata infrafrenataTodiramphus diopsXylotrupes ulysses clinias
Nepenthes glabrataBabalus depressicornisThe Nature of Sulawesi guided tour 2013Turacoena manadensis

Additional photos from the trip can be found at Rainforest Expeditions with Chien Lee on Facebook.

A new tour to Sulawesi has been scheduled for February-March 2014. Please inquire for further details.

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